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Handmade luxury umbrellas

Unique Umbrellas

that add a unique touch to your look.

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Artisanal footwear

Italian Craftsmanship handmade and hand-painted in Italy

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Who We Are

We are Senator Bespoke, a luxury lifestyle brand and high-end clothing company. We offer artisan-made bespoke suits, formal shoes, and hand-selected, high-quality accessories. Our luxury service presents clients with unparalleled customer service, resulting in a truly elite fashion experience.

Custom Clothing

Build a timeless wardrobe you will love for a lifetime. Our selection of luxurious fabrics are sourced from the world’s most prestigious textile manufacturers and hand-woven with sophisticated craftsmanship.
Senator Bespoke delivers a lifestyle of opulence and grandeur, offering the finest artisanal custom suits, luxury leather goods and accessories in Vancouver. Each piece is made in Italy, and handcrafted by artisans with tremendous love and care.

1.Book an appointment with our master clothier.

2. Get Measured and choose your custom details

3. Your garment arrives in 30 days

Luxury Umbrellas

Details to accentuate your look

Relax In Our Showroom

Where We Treat You Like Royalty


Bags & luggages

Fine Jewelry

Custom Artisanal Shoes
Made in Europe

The Waterproof Collection

Tradition & Innovation

We are pleased to introduce the first the sartorial fabric that combines high-quality Italian cloths with certified goose down.
The result is a thin, light, extremely warm and waterproof cloth suitable for overcoats, trench coats, jackets.

Our Fabrics


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