Custom Clothing

At Senator Bespoke, we are innovating the way men and women dress. A well-made and well-tailored outfit is more than just an outfit. It empowers you to walk into a room communicating confidence with a lifted spirit and an enhanced personal aesthetic. A beautiful fit doesn’t fight against you but works with you, effortlessly marrying elegance and comfort.

Superior Fabrics

We are always in search for the rarest and most luxurious fabrics, stocking our factory with fabrics hand-selected from the oldest, most renowned textile manufacturers in Italy, England and France.

Every aspect of fabric manufacturing leaves its footprint in the final weave, from the water quality used to harvest all the way to the surroundings the animals thrive in – it all starts with origin. The fabrics we use in our factory come from companies with strong values, harvested in the purest, most natural conditions of the countryside. Traditional methods of sorting, cleaning, carding, spinning and dying intertwine to create fibres and fabrics within a league of their own.

We know that the perfect balance of tried and true techniques, innovative technologies and the purest natural conditions harmoniously add up to the final product. We are passionate about having the rarest, most opulent and superior fabrics, to help us create truly extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, custom clothing.