Superior Fabrics

The fabrics we use in our factory are hand-selected from the oldest, most renowned textile manufacturers in Italy. Every aspect of fabric manufacturing leaves its footprint in the final weave, from the water used to harvest all the way to the surrounding environment.


Paris, France

Since 1842, The House of Dormeuil has been seeking out the rarest, most treasured fabrics every year from the purest places on Earth. With a philosophy that focuses on sustainable practices, Dormeuil commits to ensuring the welfare of animals and their ethical treatment.

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Biella, Italy

Crafting distinctive fabrics worn by icons throughout the centuries, since 1663, Vitale Barberis Canonico effortlessly preserves timeless elegance with its wools, silks and cashmeres. Powerful values of sustainability and responsibility help maintain the highest standards of protection and safety for the environment and the community.

Holland & Sherry

Savile Row, London

Holland & Sherry has been supplying the finest cloths and fabrics to world-famous tailors and luxury brands since 1836. With time-honoured methods of producing the finest natural fibres, a bespoke garment crafted using Holland & Sherry’s fabrics is a special delight to wear and own.

Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino

Strona, Italy

Delfino Tallia’s high standard for luxuriously precious fabrics has led them to become an ambassador for “Made in Italy,” a law passed in 2009 by the Italian Law which states that only products Made in Italy, are allowed to use the label.

House of Cerruti

Paris, France

A self-labelled “Parisian fashion house with Italian roots,” Nino Cerruti launched the first men’s ready-to-wear collection in 1957. Today, the House of Cerruti produces a rich selection of fashion collections and fine fabrics crafted with truly high-standard workmanship.

Loro Piana

Quarono, Italy

With a 200 year heritage, Loro Piana is the central point for the rarest and most precious fabrics in the world, with a special focus on wool and cashmere. A true emblem of decadence and luxury, Loro Piana’s fabrics and clothing carry the defining elements of the finest quality and craftsmanship.

Ariston Fabrics

Naples, Italy

Headquartered close to Naples, Ariston Fabrics manufacture natural, high-quality fibres composed of wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, linen and mohair; exclusively produced in Italy. Focusing purely on quality and personalization, Ariston Fabrics harmoniously merges a passion for fabrics and tradition, being continuously carried forward by strong family values since 1920.


Busto Arsizio, Italy

Specializing in fine linen and made exclusively in Italy, Solbiati remains at the forefront of a fabric strongly representing divine luxury and uniqueness. Breathable, hypoallergenic and incredibly resilient, Solbiati uses traditional Italian artisan techniques to produce and weave this historically one-of-a-kind and valuable raw material.


Trivero, Italy

A leader in luxury menswear, Zegna represents opulence, beautiful fabrics and elegant drapery. At the heart of Zegna’s philosophy to support and give back to communities lies the desire to source the highest quality natural fibres directly from the country in which they were manufactured.